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'06 Volvo V70 Coolant flush question

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'06 Volvo V70 Coolant flush question

Post by GlennG2759 » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:23 pm

Getting ready to do a coolant flush on my '06 V70 NA. I'm used to taking thermostat on other cars, but because of design I can't, but am planning on putting a new housing unit in. Here's my plan, disconnect lower radiator, drain, reconnect and fill (reservoir) with distilled water, run up to operating temperature w/heat on. Repeat this procedure 4 or 5 times. I have 8 gals. of distilled water. After the last dump, change out upper & lower radiator hoses and new thermostat housing button up and add G-05 concentrate to reservoir max line, burp, keep my on on level for a couple days. Sound right? Will this get me to the 50/50 mix. Thanks, Glenn

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Re: '06 Volvo V70 Coolant flush question

Post by oragex » Fri Nov 22, 2019 4:44 pm

I don't think that will give you a 50/50 mix. Rather mix the gallon of concentrate with a gallon of distilled water, and refill with this in the last step. I have to say, the manual talks about 7.5 liters, however you may find you can only refill with something like 5 liters. Assume 1L is stuck inside the heater core + it's piping (perhaps a little less). The thermostat is tricky to replace, see a few youtube videos, it will take a few specific extensions, wobble joint and what not to reach the bolts. The rad drain is very fragile - plastic, do not tighten with a wrench or may juust a little kick at the end - but I think the seat keeps the drain from unscrewing by itself, so it may not even need to 'tighten' it with any torque, just screw it all the way in. Burping the coolant is a bit tricky, may warm the engine or drive slowly on side roads looking for the 'low coolant' message with the refill bottle at hand. Next day when the engine cools down it may get again low in coolant. Finally, from what I've seen, the Genuine Volvo concentrate is about the same price as the Zerex, if not cheaper
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Re: '06 Volvo V70 Coolant flush question

Post by abscate » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:41 pm


I idle the car with the drain open, and water from a hose running into the reservoir, for 15 minutes.

Don’t leave the car unattended during this in case the hose pops out

Shut off motor, pull hose,pour your 8 liters/ 2 gallons distilled in to flush, let drain

Close drain cock

Add 4 litersgallon Volvo coolant

Start car, idle to warm, Top off with water,

Close cap, 10 minute drive

Top off with water. Typically about 250 ml needed.
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