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T-5R auto trans issues

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T-5R auto trans issues

Post by Lucas2T »

Hello everybody,

Im having some issues with my 1995 T-5R's auto trans.
- At WOT, in neither economy nor sport mode, it will shift beyond 5k revs. Always before or at the 5k mark but it will never let the motor go beyond 5k.
- In sport mode, under wot acceleration, when it shifts it will hang for a second before it goed into the next gear.

Some time ago my auto trans blew up, replaced it with another one from the junkyard. Replaced the seals and flushed the converter prior to install. It works like it should and shifts fine for what it is. Car runs and drives fine and power seems to be there. Did a full stage 0 (incl vac lines and pcv) about 1000kms ago. It boosts correct for what I know. At WOT the turbo gauge needle is at 2/3 on the scale. Theres no hard shifting, shift moments are correct, no flashing arrows and everything seems to be working in order, except for the above.

What could cause this? Where should I start looking when trouble shooting these issues?

Thank you,

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Re: T-5R auto trans issues

Post by zaneallen »

your throttle cable might not be allowing the throttle to open to 100%. i had this issue, my throttle cable was broken at the firewall, which meant the kickdown switch was deactivated as well. vol-fcr indicated that with the accelerator to the floor, the ecu was only able to determine that the throttle position was at 87% or so
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