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Under pass side of dash- CC fan noise Topic is solved

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Under pass side of dash- CC fan noise

Post by CIK7 »

I decided to turn on the climate control to clear the fog on my windshield and the fan underneath the passenger side of the dashboard immediately sound like a bag got caught on it and it immediately got worse and then broke. At least it sounds like it broke because then all that noise went away and all I could hear was a very high pitched whining. Then I turned it back on and it sounds like a bag hitting metal. What exactly is the name of this part that I'm describing and am I accurate in the description? Who else has had this happen?
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Re: Under pass side of dash- CC fan noise  Topic is solved

Post by jimmy57 »

Something got into the fan. It comes out of the front of the blower housing directly in front of glove box. The under dash panel, knee bolster ribbed metal tube, and the glove box are removed to get to the screws. There are videos and instructions if you search. I found this complete one:

the glove box has to be popped out, it doesn't just slide out as it did in the video. The curved door stop pieces have to have a tab pushed to the right so they pop out of door in order to get the glove box out.
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