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V70 01 2.4T Cabin fan acting up

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V70 01 2.4T Cabin fan acting up

Post by blompa »


My cabin fan is acting up. It stays on low unless I force it and the temperature feels a bit off. I am suspicious that it may the the internal temp sensor behind that small grille on the AC unit.

I have had that lose when mounting one of those CD changer bluetooth thingies. I've also had the AC unit apart when I replaced some bulbs.

Is there any other likely culprit or am I on to something?

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Post by oragex »

I don't think the sensor controls the fan speed. But get you home vacuum cleaner close to the small grid to suck out any dirt from the sensor (no touch on the sensor)

For the fan speed, google up about the fan controller (resistor)

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Post by chris11211 »

Likewise, you can just get a can of compressed air and blow it away, don't stick it in just blow it next to the grill, and there's nothing behind the sensor, so it'll just leave the entire console.

Did you change the cabin air filter?

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