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2012 S60 T6 Strut replacement tips

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2012 S60 T6 Strut replacement tips

Post by coldax »

I recently replaced the struts on the car myself and I wanted to share my experiences with the forum. Sorry, this is not a guide or how to with pictures. The process to replace struts is universal and covered in other places.

The car has about 80K miles and I could feel and hear the strut bearings as they wore out. I had a similar issue with my C30 at the roughly the same mileage (I replaced those as well a few years ago). Both cars were annoying and very tiring to drive, they slammed on every expansion joint and pothole. You can just tell something is wrong. Even in a parking lot, turning the steering wheel you can feel and hear it. On the S60 I had several sidewall blowouts with the low pro tires slamming into pot holes. Not normal. I feel like 70-80K is the lifespan for the factory strut bearings. When I took them out they fell apart in my hands.

Refer to the sicker on the passenger B pillar and decode your suspension to ensure you are purchasing the correct parts. FCP Euro is helpful as they list the numbers.

I used Sachs struts. I replaced every single front strut component except the spring. You might as well while you are in there. AutoZone has free tool rental for a manual spring compressor. Compressing the spring back onto the new strut was the hardest because the spring perch is so wide. Seems wider than others. I fought with that for a long time. I have done this procedure on other Volvos and it went much easier. You can also visit a local mechanic to see if they have a hydraulic spring press.

I also replaced the front control arms/ball joints. Optional but I wanted to be sure that I would not have to go back under there again.

The bottom portion of the strut that fits into the steering knuckle needed to be sanded down to bare metal in order to fit. Very tight tolerance. Same on the C30. Not sure if it is just me on this step but I could not get it to slide in with the paint on it. Strange.

The tolerance in reinstalling the new strut assembly was extremely tight. Again I fought with this for a long time. Pressing down on the control arm while trying to maneuver the strut base into pace was a real bear. I also replaced the rear shocks with Sachs.

Make sure you get an alignment immediately afterwards!

The car is now FANTASTIC to drive. Love it, it's a real joy. Feels like brand new. All in I paid about $1,300 US for the parts from FCP, IPD and RockAuto. I shopped around to cherry-pick the best prices. If I had my local mechanic do the work I am guessing this would have been $2,300 or more with his labor and parts markup.
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