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2005 s60r m66 transfercase interchangeability?

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Year and Model: 2005 s60r
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2005 s60r m66 transfercase interchangeability?

Post by tingtang »

Was wondering what transfer cases work with a 2005 s60r with m66 manual transmission? The transfer cases all look similar. Or what angle/bevel/sleeves work? I've read some sleeves from other vehicles interchange, while some dont. Also read later years have stronger ones? Was wondering if there was a guide somewhere with part# would help.

With the car in gear, 1st or 2nd, both wheels on ground, you shouldn't be able to spin the driveshaft freely correct?

To be honest, seen too many videos on people not being able to separate the collar/sleeve, so I'm thinking of buying a used transfer case assembly, opening it making sure everything in good condition and just swapping it out.
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