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2008MY P3 V70 D5 Power Steering

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2008MY P3 V70 D5 Power Steering

Post by LTP » Sat Dec 21, 2019 3:29 am

Just looking for a little help and confirmation.

My 132k-mile V70 has developed an issue with the power steering. During normal driving all is well, and the selectable three-level steering force works as normal; however, when manoeuvring into tight spaces requiring lots of lock at low revs and crawling speeds the steering weights up to the point where it would be an issue for my wife. As soon as the manoeuvre is over and I start making normal progress, all returns to being OK again.

The PAS fluid level is correct, I've had the fluid changed and the reservoir cleaned of any gunk but it made no difference - I've been told the issue is the PAS pump rather than the rack.

On my model the PAS pump is buried in the depths of the engine FEAD (front-end accessory drive system) and seems to have a double-pulley with two serpentine belts, as though the PAS pump forms the link between the two drive belts - it's definitely not sitting at the top of the engine with a single belt, as appears to be the case on D5 XC90 and S60 videos I've found. I've had the top cover off the engine and traced the pipes from the PAS reservoir to confirm the pump location. The Haynes manual for my model is completely wrong as well as it identifies the pump is at the top of the engine and in easy reach.

Has anyone also had this issue and can confirm the symptoms is the pump? Also, anyone changed the PAS pump on a D5 in the location where mine appears to be? I don't have a ramp so if access is required form underneath it may have to be a garage repair (if it was at the top of the engine I'd tackle it myself).

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