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2003 V70 t5 build

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Year and Model: 2003 v70 t5
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2003 V70 t5 build

Post by Vwagonguy »

Okay so I’m 100 percent new to the Volvo game. I know very little other than what my close friend has shown or gone over with me. I just recently purchased a 2003 v70 t5. The head needs to be redone or replaced. I was wondering if anyone could throw some info on if the 2.4 or 2.5 heads will fit on a 2.3 since they’re the same except bore size. Or if I just need to send mine off to be ported polished and resurfaced. Thankyou!
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Re: 2003 V70 t5 build

Post by RickHaleParker »

Vwagonguy wrote: Sat Dec 21, 2019 11:58 am I was wondering if anyone could throw some info on if the 2.4 or 2.5 heads will fit on a 2.3 since they’re the same except bore size.
They are not all the same except bore. The combustion chambers have different volumes. That is how they get different compression ratios with the same stroke and bore.

Best to stick with the correct head unless you do detailed research on both engines and crunch the numbers.
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Re: 2003 V70 t5 build

Post by SuperHerman »

There is nothing magical about Volvo heads, except you NEVER mix and match heads and the cam cover. They are MARRIED!

RickHaleParker is a great source of information on what can be interchanged - I defer to him 100%.

If you are doing the work, pull the heads and see what is wrong. You may be able to simply clean and service your current head and valves. As you will most likely be buying an head gasket set, do your valve stem seals and lap the valves if the shop is not doing them. Were it me, I would pull the head and see what the issue is (after a leak down test to make sure there is actually a problem). If all looks good I would have the head machined flat ($100), and then change the valve stem seals and lap the valves myself. Again, nothing magical about the Volvo heads - it takes time, but it normal head work. If you are going to farm out the valve job you need not worry about this part.
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Re: 2003 V70 t5 build

Post by Supergrunged »

What exactly is wrong with the head? Only thing that ever goes on the head is the valve seals, or burnt valves. Which a burnt valve will show a cylinder with low compression if you did a compression test.

Swapping heads is not going to gain you anything without a tune. Honestly, you really need the head done, yes, replace your valve seals, valves as needed, port and polish, and send it. Otherwise, start looking at your upgraded intercooler, downpipe, turbo you want to throw on, and who you want to tune it.
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