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745 alignment rack caster is out of whack

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745 alignment rack caster is out of whack

Post by Johnny91 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 9:43 am

Hey guys! So I changed the struts on the 745 and now when I put it on the alignment rack caster is out of whack. This is bad because tires are expensive. I havent tried messing around too much yet bc it was around 10 at night and they are off at reciprocating angles and I wanted hot food so I left it. I will be experimenting eventually and I will post results weather I find a way to fix it or a way to make it worse. If anybody has info in the meantime it is much appriciated because as of now I'm not sure...Happy Holidays!!!
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Re: 745 alignment rack caster is out of whack

Post by jimmy57 » Mon Dec 23, 2019 11:48 am

The top of strut can affect caster. You don't list numbers but strut top towards back of car increases positive caster and if the strut top is slid forward caster will be lower. I can't recall if the strut top plate that has the studs is symmetric or has an offset. If they have offsets and one is installed offset forward and the other offset rearward then caster will be deviate too much side to side. I always align for right side to be higher positive angle if that is possible. The steering axis inclination together with caster creates a pull or torque towards the opposite side. Due to crown of lanes falling off the right the vehicle will tend to go towards the low side of lane. Having a tad higher positive caster on right wheel will counteract the effects of the crown of lane. On 740s the lower control arm locating link that goes from lower control arm back to frame has bushing at each end. If the bushings are faulty that allows lower control location to be off towards rear and that would decrease positive caster.

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