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2001 XC70 2.4T lifting; ride height increase;

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Year and Model: 2001 XC70
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2001 XC70 2.4T lifting; ride height increase;

Post by ISGuerra »

Hi. I'm not an owner yet but I'm considering buying a 2001 XC70 2.4T :o . I'm not really fond of Diesel engines so my options in the used car market in Portugal are slim. I'm still weighing the pros and cons of XC90 vs XC70. I like the concept of the XC70 and I think it's more than enough for the kind of use that I'll give it. But on the other end, I think that it's a bit low and has some huge overhangs. Petrol XC70 here cost between 4.5k€ and 10k€. Petrol XC90 more than 11k€ and there's only one available. So now I'm considering either buying a really cheap petrol XC70 and lifting the suspension or a diesel XC90 (I really hate diesel engines). So...
My question is: are there any owners in this group that could help me with the specification of parts to buy to increase the ride height between 50mm and 100mm? I don't want to change the wheel and tyre ratios from the manufacturer.
I've read that the best option would be to buy XC90 struts and axles, Bad swede lifting springs, strut spacer and Eibach camber bolts. But I don't know if this is the case or which parts to buy or if there are anymore parts to buy or adjustments to make.
Thank you in advance.
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