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Replaced spark plugs

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Replaced spark plugs

Post by NicJ »

Whem I purchased the vehicle it was throwing a misfire code on cylinder 1. I decided the first step way to put in some new spark plugs. When I pulled the plastic cover off the top of the motor I noticed like most have stated that all the wire loom was shot and pieces of it all over the place. So I started pulling the plugs off the coils to find that 5 out of the 15 wires had been rubbed through to bare copper! And one of those had a nasty terrible splice that contained only electrical tape to fix🙄... so I fixed all the wires with good butt splices and replaces the loom with what I had at the time. ( I have since order more and will replace the rest of it.) the misfire code went away(had it checked) and the car runs 100 times better now! Imagine that, the car runs better when it is firing on all cylinders!!
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