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Oil Pan Thread Sealer?

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Oil Pan Thread Sealer?

Post by subzerocarfanatic » Wed Jan 01, 2020 3:09 pm

I have tried looking on here but have had no luck, still learning how to use the forums. Does anyone know what type of sealer Volvo used on the oil pan bolts, the ones that have the white sealer on them, there are only a few of them, like the ones that screw into the end of transmission on passenger and drivers side end bolts of oil pan that had the white stuff on the threads, I assume it's just a sealer not like a thread lock sealer like the red or blue would be, and while i'm on the subject, the red that is on some bolts, not oil pan bolts but on other places on the car, is it just regular red thread lock? Thanks again for any help.
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Post by JimBee » Wed Jan 01, 2020 9:59 pm

The white sealant on the oil pan bolts seems to be a threadlock of some type. It's probably intended to both seal and secure the bolts. Before I replaced the bolts I cleaned the threads with a fine bristle wire brush and also cleaned out the threaded holes in the block with a tap (M-7?) so I could torque all the bolts evenly. Make sure you do the long bolt holes at the rear. I overlooked those and had one bolts that felt like it had bottomed before it was fully seated. Since those bolts are fine thread, if the threads are filled with the sealant you could strip the block hole trying to bottom it. I left that bolt out and it hasn't leaked in six years. I used the Permatex anaerobic sealant on the pan-to-block surfaces (and on the cam cover) putting it together. I didn't put any sealant on the pan bolts.

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