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Dash Speaker Replacement

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Dash Speaker Replacement

Post by LuckeyMike »

Hi everyone, recently my dash speakers blew on my 1998 Volvo V70 Base and I want to replace them, but I am struggling taking the speakers out. Anyone have directions? I don't want to mess it all up. Thanks.
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Re: Dash Speaker Replacement

Post by Stu70 »

I assume you mean the tweeters in the top corners of the dash - Lift / pry the speaker covers off and the speakers themselves are held in by two panel push pins that need the centre pin pulled up first.
If it’s the centre Chanel speaker - you can try and gently pry the outer cover up and off, I use two old table knives on either side just pushed between dash and cover by 2mm(.07 inch’s ) levered up and it pops off. But they are all old and sunbaked now, so may break. You can always take the dash top off and push the cover off from below. There is plenty of help in this forum on how to take off the dash top.
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Re: Dash Speaker Replacement

Post by scot850 »

The center dash speaker cover is now NA at dealers so do not break it. Even used they are stupid expensive assuming you can even find one. Small tweeter covers are easy to find in junkyards,

Up here in Calgary I have never seen a center speaker dash at the junkyards. Like the other threads on lack of P80's in yards, I have seen only one S70 and no others in the last year. Not even P2's are seen often here either.

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Re: Dash Speaker Replacement

Post by rasense »

I have a couple of tan center speaker covers if anyone is looking.
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