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Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

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Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

Post by Joshua »

Hello everyone I have a problem with my 97 960 wagon I have a flashing up arrow with a check engine light on and my speedometer isn't working. My car is not in limp mode drives fine but after about 20-30 minutes it will start the problems. I can't find the problem any help would be amazing thank you.
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Re: Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

Post by dm635 »

I'm going through the flashing arrow right now and it's driving me batty. The 1st thing to do for the flashing light is to try another PNP switch on the transmission. I've already tried not 1, but 2 PNP switch's on mine that I disassembled and cleaned 1st. I've got other issues with my trans that I'm trying to sort out.

Won't help with your speedo issues. The signal to your speedo starts with a sensor on the diff cover.

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Re: Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

Post by tmcmilli »


That sounds similar to the circumstances with my 94 960 sedan, but mine is intermittent. Flashing arrows on transmission mode selector switches and up arrow on the dash, begins several seconds AFTER my speedometer stops working. Then my speedometer will start working again but the flashing arrows don't go away immediately. They will go away eventually as long as the speedometer keeps working. I also found the other day that banging my first on the dash above the instrument cluster causes the speedometer to start working again. So I have a bad connection in the instrument cluster.

I have to pull the cluster, check connections on the back side of the cluster and if necessary the circuit board(s) inside of the cluster. I'm hoping that disconnecting the external connectors on the cluster and cleaning the contacts on the cluster and the connectors themselves will do the trick. If not, then I probably have a bad solder joint somewhere.

Just wanted to mention that clearly in my case the flashing arrows are triggered by the speedometer not working. You might approach it from that angle. Figure out why the speedo isn't working and you may also solve your flashing arrows issue. Hope this helps.
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Re: Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

Post by volvolugnut »

Both of these vehicles have electrical speedometer sensors likely located on the differential. They do not have mechanical speedometer cables. As electrical devices, they are likely to be integrated into the upshift indicators lights.
The sensors are likely magnetic pickups that count pulses as the tooth wheel or gear passes the sensor. They are prone to failure when they gather steel fillings on the magnet. Removal and cleaning may restore function.
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Re: Flashing up arrow and No speedometer

Post by lummert »

Check the main head light relay. It's the relay that is rectangular about the size of 2 standard relays. If this relay starts acting up it effects more than just the head lights.
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