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high beam headlights will not turn off unless battery is disconnected or fuses are pulled

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high beam headlights will not turn off unless battery is disconnected or fuses are pulled

Post by black93gt » Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:10 pm


2006 XC90 v8. As the subject states the high beam headlights will not turn off unless the battery is disconnected or the fuses in the CEM are removed. These headlights are the normal lights not the self leveling xenon lights.

The low beams function normally and all the other functions of the dash/cluster work and are back lit appropriately. When pulling the stalk to activate the high beam lights the blue indicator light comes on the dash.

1) I replaced the high beam stalk and the problem continued.
2) I replaced the chip board module that the stalk plugs into in the column (module located under the clockspring/SAS) and the problem continued.
3) I disconnected the actual rotary light switch located to the left of the steering wheel and that was no help.
4) I disconnected the the ignition switch and several other modules located in the column and that was no help as well.

The only way to shut them off was pulling the fuses in the CEM (one fuse for each light D/P). To my understanding there is not a replaceable relay for the high beams in this vehicle which makes me wonder if the CEM is the problem?

Anyone think of something I missed checking?

Thank you

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