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WOW! Polestar software upgrade - thumbs up.

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WOW! Polestar software upgrade - thumbs up.

Post by EngineeringBloke » Sun Jan 26, 2020 9:31 am

I had been getting about 16 mpg around town. It felt like the automatic transmission was slipping and the response to the accelerator pedal was slow. I have some scratches on the front and rear bumper and one big one (dent) on the rear passenger door.

So I considered getting a newer car - this is third hand from 2009, and perhaps I could get a little more fun from something else. However, I love the leather seats, the sunroof, the safety, and the luxury of the car. I do see 30 MPG on long highway trips at speed with some bursts of acceleration.

So I decided to keep it a little longer, and to get the Polestar upgrade as a late Christmas, birthday present for myself. The dealer said about $800, but there was also a $200 installation charge so it was $1000.

However, the car is just so improved. The engine is more responsive and there is no longer a lag to the accelerator pedal. The shifting is better too. I am getting sportier performance while seeing less gas consumption even as I drive in a more spirited fashion. :)

I track every fill up and MPG since 2009 in a spreadsheet so can see no increase in gas consumption.

I am very pleased with this and feel it was worthwhile. Has anyone else also applied the upgrade and have any similar observations, or different ones?
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Re: WOW! Polestar software upgrade - thumbs up.

Post by - Pete - » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:42 am

I see it referred to frequently as a “stage 1 tune”. I opted for IPD’s stage one tune on 2 of our 2.5T cars. Our V70R already had the IPD stage 1 tune done to it prior to us buying it. I felt it was the biggest bang for the buck performance wise. The cost per tune was $725 + $200 damage deposit for the WiFi hotspot & OBD2 module they send you in the mail. You get the $200 back once the hotspot & module is returned.

Ken Pruett of IPD is the one you do the wireless tune with over the phone. He’s very knowledgeable & does a pretty good job of teaching you about how the change in the software works (if you ask about it). It’s called torque request. Basically in stock (2.5T) form the computer requests that the power plant make 208hp and 236lbs of torque, using 7-8 psi boost to achieve that target. Stage 1 revision requests an additional 22%hp 31%Torque for a final tuned result of 245hp and 310lbs of torque & upping the peak to 14 psi boost. I often see my boost gauges peak higher than 14 psi, but the computer reels it back in.

I’ve done this tune to our V70 AWD and also just recently to our 281k mile XC70. Like you say, it is so so so worth it! Making more power requires more input of fuel. I can achieve great fuel economy, but it quickly plummets once you get sucked into the loud pedal.
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Re: WOW! Polestar software upgrade - thumbs up.

Post by Rattnalle » Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:55 am

I've also done a stage one on mine. Very worthwhile. I haven't really noticed fuel economy change either way though but it's much more fun.

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Re: WOW! Polestar software upgrade - thumbs up.

Post by BlackBart » Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:58 pm

I'm curious about longevity with additional combustion chamber pressure and extra heat over time.
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