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ViDa install fail(over a month trying)

How to buy, install and use VIDA, VADIS, DiCE, VMWare and all the questions and answers that come with these tools.
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ViDa install fail(over a month trying)

Post by Fozze216 » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:30 am

Ok new to the board but have done lots of research and I’ve tried every possible change I could think of or found a thread helping the next person get vida to install. All to get me no where further than when I first try to install. I’m using a hp pavilion 360 running windows 10 home (64bit). When I check the log file it says World Wide Web publishing not installed, and MSSQL$vida not installed. In my windows features I have iis box checked and is installed as well as the ie11 with the extension enabled... also I’m using the repack iso when trying to install. Someone please help me!?

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Re: ViDa install fail(over a month trying)

Post by wizechatmgr » Sun Feb 23, 2020 3:14 am

Which versions of SQL server did you install? I have 2008 R2 installed. Which versions of VC++? I have 2008,2012,2013,and 2015 all installed concurrently.

Reason I ask is I have it installed on mine. It was a pain in the ... to install on windows 10.
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