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Brake Fluid Low Service Urgent Warning

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Brake Fluid Low Service Urgent Warning

Post by jerryv »

I've been getting a dire red "Brake Fluid Low Service Urgent" warning in my 07 3.2 AWD XC90 w/123k for a few months now.

The brake fluid level is in fact fine, the brakes feel good, and strangely nothing relevant seems to be appearing in my VIDA/DICE setup (Virtual Win 7 running on my Mac with a ebay unit). I don't think it's related, but the parking brake is pretty much useless and could use some adjustment love.

I caliper'd one of my front discs at 29-30mm. Spec says replace at or below 25mm - so I think I'm OK there. Maybe I need new pads? Lines? Fluid? Maybe just a bad sensor?

Any advice/insight greatly appreciated!
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Re: Brake Fluid Low Service Urgent Warning

Post by wanderdüne »

Have you tried detaching/re-attaching the level sensor connector a few times?
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Re: Brake Fluid Low Service Urgent Warning

Post by oragex »

Off topic, weak parking brake is common, but good to remove the drum someday to look for any delamination of the shoes, because that would ruin the entire hub - just a routine check. While there, have a look at the front calipers flex hoses, another safety check at these miles - look at the hidden side of the hose, facing the engine www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZOfse9CJoY

For the message, worry not about anything related to safety, it really is just the level sensor acting up. May also see this https://www.volvoforums.org.uk/showthread.php?t=46464

Make sure the fluid is near the max mark (takes Dot 4 Synthetic but not the regular one, the one saying for European cars ). In fact, try adding a 'little' above the max mark with the engine cold. Maybe 1/16in or so (2mm). Also, as said above, may also want to look closely at the fluid level sensor that sits on top of the reservoir. Look at the connector, at the wires near the connector, may shake a little the sensor itself (I think it comes out if pulled, but not sure about this so don't force).
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