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V70 Rear speakers and park distance sensors no sound

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V70 Rear speakers and park distance sensors no sound

Post by LTP » Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:42 pm

Hi. Looking for any help.

My car is a 2008MY P3 V70 SE with the Premium Audio DynAudio system. A couple of days ago I noticed that the reverse parking sensors were working in that the coloured bars and distance showed on the reversing camera screen but there was no beeping; however the radio still mutes. I first thought that there was some problem with the PDC control unit but during investigation I realised that if I use the fader to put all the audio system sound to the rear the rear speakers make very little noise - this applies to both sides - there is a very small, tinny noise just discernable if you operate the radio without the engine running. The lack of sounds applied to FM, AM, or if I use the CD

I'd recently paired a new phone via the Bluetooth menu (this may not be relevant but it all happened about the same time), and at the same time I tweaked a few of the audio settings and am convinced that when in FM there was the menu option to use something like "Pro-logic", "3-way" or "Off". I read that the Pro-logic can effectively disable the rear speakers so went to check I hadn't changed this but now the menu only offers "3-way" or "Off" (and the rear speakers don't work with either setting). If I alter the sound stage from "front" to "rear", the radio goes quiet for a few seconds then appears to default back to "front".

I pulled and replaced all of the fuses in the blue module in the rear compartment LH side one at a time with the radio playing and each time I pulled one the radio stopped until the fuse was put back - this indicated to me that the fuses are probably OK.

I find it difficult to believe that both rear speakers blew simultaneously (I've not heard any loud noises, clicks or bangs and don't inflict drum 'n' bass at high volume on the neighbourhood) and am wondering if I've inadvertently done something stupid. I've spent a few hours wandering through the menus trying stuff and even used the factory reset option but the rear speakers (and hence the parking aid) remain stubbornly silent.

I have a horrible feeling that if it's one of the components of the DynAudio system that's given up after 12 years it could be both expensive and difficult to find - but this just doesn't seem logical as the rest of the system is working fine, including the sub. I don't have Vida-Dice but am prepared to invest in one (or pay my local main dealer to diagnose, as I doubt anyone who didn't really understand Volvo audio systems and have access to the full diagnostics would be able to help).

So anyone any ideas? I'll post this verbatim in a few more forums so apologies if you see this elsewhere.

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