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2000 S80 T6 Massive oil burst. Cap 1361451

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2000 S80 T6 Massive oil burst. Cap 1361451

Post by chamme10 »

Metal cap on engine top burst today after replacing my turbo boost pressure sensor.

2000 Volvo S80 T6 2.8L Twincharged

A while back my turbo boost pressure sensor started acting up and really messed with my RPMs. To the point that I could still drive it but I had to be careful when accelerating otherwise I would lose all acceleration and would have to restart the engine.

I drove it like this for about a month (I know) because I am a college student with **** for money. I drove it very lightly and was careful. Probably 2 or 3, 10 mile trips a week.
I finally got enough money to purchase the part from RockAuto (btw kudos to them for shipping it so quickly).

Today I put on the new turbo boost pressure sensor and went for a drive. It was absolutely beautiful and smooth sailing. I drove up to the freeway and back down the highway to my house. About 1 miles from my house I smelled oil and figured it was the big mechanics truck in front of me. I got to my house and ran inside to grab my wallet.

On my way out I noticed there was smoke coming from my engine so I ran over to my seat and checked the temperature gauge but it was completely normal.

I turned off the engine and lifted the hood to find that this cap (pictured below) was blown out of its hole and there was oil EVERYWHERE. I checked my oil and added about 2 quarts.

I've been looking everywhere for what this cap is called but I cant find anywhere that can clearly define it. I've seen it called a valve cover, a cam cover, and freeze cap. I just want to know what I need to order in order to fix this thing.

My assumption is that the newly fixed turbo air pressure created a lot of buildup and blew it off.

Also, if I buy a new piece wont the pressure just blow the new one off as well?
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Re: Massive oil burst.

Post by SuperHerman »

Cool - never seen that before. I would start as follows:

1) Check your connections to the turbo boost sensor - are we talking about the one that is on the intercooler - down low, looking at the windshield, on the right? I would expect you to get some overboost errors if you have problems with the boost.

2) Check your PCV system, I suspect this is where your problem is.

As to the cap - for the interim I would clean it up and tap it back in. If you want to go for a long term fix with your current part, clean the cap and the valve cover really well. Don't use a Scotch-Brite on the valve cover as the green filaments ruin engines. You can do it to the cap and then rinse well with water. Once all is clean and dry, apply a thin seal of anaerobic sealant on the inside of the valve cover and on the sides of the cap for good measure. Then tap it home and leave it over night. Should hold and seal.

For part number - RickHaleParker is the king of VIDA and can find anything. He usually helps out - hopefully he will not dissappoint.
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Re: Massive oil burst. 1361451

Post by ndphotonl »

Also responded on the other forum, but check your PCV system indeed. Make sure the holes in your engine are free to breathe. They can become clogged quite easily
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Re: Massive oil burst.

Post by abscate »

The sealer needed is going to cost more than the cap, but both will still be cheaper than the oil you lost!

From the Volvo web store site...

Volvo trivia ...the same cap is used on the AWD assembly
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