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Set of 3 MAF/AMM for 86 245, plus new bushings and distributor

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Set of 3 MAF/AMM for 86 245, plus new bushings and distributor

Post by geodonuts » Thu Feb 13, 2020 7:49 pm

Greetings! A bundle of:

Three (3) original Bosch air mass meters (AMM)/MAF sensors from 1985-1988 240s and 740s, Bosch part number 0 280 212 007. Obtained via scrap yards, they were all and bench tested and road tested. Impedance all was as close to spec as any, each showed its burnoff function was working, and I ran my car on a rotation of these for a while. however, that was a few years ago and I no longer own a 240 with which to auger their fate. They were always treated right and have been recently cleaned with MAF-blaster and q-tip before being I moved them to a ziplock bag inside my house, where they seem happy.

Next are a set of ten (10) rubber bushings for same 1986 245 sold as a kit from IPD for $55 (https://www.ipdusa.com/products/5301/1 ... et-101731). The following are all still in their plastic bags:
(4) torque rod, F&R, #1273622
(2) panhard rod (rear), #1330973 and 1330427
(2) trailing rod - front, #1229165
(2) trailing arm, #1229165

Lastly: An ignition DISTRIBUTOR for same engine year that used this type ignition (1986-88, or 85-87; it's a very short vintage).. I never installed this due to a misdiagnosis of my problem, and I'd like to save someone else the trouble I had to go through just to locate one of these let alone Excalibur it from the block on a hot day.

Also! Comes with an incompletely finished homemade trailer arm bushing tool, https://www-ese.fnal.gov/People/wilcer/ ... g_tool.htm seen somewhat in the picture, bolt and washers missing. Instead of grinding cast iron pipe end I had a friend machine lathe a cylinder of mild steel to the exact diameter of the bushing sleeve, so it reasons it'll work, however I never used it once I saw that my bushings were actually fine, and that the cylinder pusher needs a rest hole inset on one side accommodate the bushing hub, which I forgot to have machined, so it's incomplete as it's only good for removing a used bushing until that space can be bored out. SO it's another freebie to those who have the time! The 6" x 0.5" bolt, receiver end and pieces, and 2 inches of washers comes with it (not pictured.)

All this together $75 or best offer - really, I'll take anything. The air mass meters don't come cheap at my scrap yard and I'd sell the set for $65 OBO, and the bushing kit I'll sell for 10. I'll package and mail the distributor for the cost of shipping plus one pint at my local tavern (one block away from the local post office), otherwise it's free if you want to come pick it up.

Thanks for looking. send private message, but you can email if I'm forgetting to check that. geodonuts -at- gmail


https://postimg.cc/ZCS9NmN8 -- closeup of the AMM

https://postimg.cc/7f9LT2w4 -- distributor