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Volvo issues a recall in the US.

Do you have a failing Electronic Throttle Module? What steps to take if you do, plus the latest ETM news. Volvo 1999-2002 models only please.
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Volvo issues a recall in the US.

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The day before Thanksgiving a recall was announced, though don't get too excited. It only involves the software.
Prior to this the deal was that when you come in for service we will upload new software. Then the added, 'at your request'. Now a notice will go out to all that have NOT had the software uploaded to come in to the dealer and have it done.
So as it stands now you have the 10-year or 200,000 mile warranty and new software. The new software allows for greater tolerance on the internal parameters and will cause fewer cases of surging and hesitation. Also there will be a warning before the car goes into the limp home mode. Another item is that the throttle will not move as much on its own (dither) so the wear will be less.
With the new software there are far fewer claims being made to NHTSA.
To my knowledge there will be no further redesign of the ETM, but with a warranty replacement with PN 8644347 and the new software most of the problems should be minimized. NHTSA is still following complaints as they come in. http://nhtsa.dot.gov.

If you are in Canada make sure that VCNA will cover you. If you are overseas you are NOT covered by the warranty and probably not by the software recall. Australia just got the dealers to install the new software at no charge.

If you are overseas try small claims court like Andy did in the previous message, "Judge says ETM not suitable for intended purpose."

Don Willson
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