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Evap gas leak? Damaging radiator hose

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Evap gas leak? Damaging radiator hose

Post by Stevennetherland »

I have codes for a small evap leak and multiple misfires. I know the vacuum check valve after the purge solenoid was faulty. But my real issue is that i noticed my radiator hose is "melting" and the other day the car started misfiring pretty severely and was burning through fuel lile crazy. Could smell inside cab and was visible coming from exhaust. The only thing close to the damage on radiator hose is the line feeding the canister purge value. A hard plastic line the seems okay. Could this line cause this big of an issue.

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Post by ndphotonl »

Could you create some pictures under the bonnet?
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Post by oragex »

I would guess the misfire may not be related the the evap issue, maybe a different thing. For an evap leak, sometimes the J hose at the charcoal canister may crack. If it drinks a lot of gas in slow traffic, the front O2 may be bad (just a possibility). Misfiring needs be fixed by checking the spark plugs and locating any faulty coils. Important not to drive when it's misfiring as this will ruin the catalytic converter and may even damage the valves in that cylinder www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnYUQh23p7Q

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Post by Cees Klumper »

Could it be a faulty fuel pressure regulator?

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