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Presentation and DIM death

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Presentation and DIM death

Post by charlitos1988 » Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:07 am

Help everybody I am Carlos from Lima Peru and I have a Volvo S60 2003 with 123,000km

DIM died, the classic just "check engine" on stage 2 of the key, and then starting the car all dark.

I tried to solve it myself and just totally break the thing.

I cleaned the blue thing but I made the BIG mistake to put "solder cream" under the black Epson-Motorola "micro chips".

and the cream just toasted the board completely. after I plug in back the DIM, it started "smoking" from underneath one of them and doing a "pop corn" sound. So I burnt it. my mistake to follow YouTube tutorials!!!!!

I can still plug the thing and sometimes it works totally no dark, all the gauges working
then I turn off and everything black.

I went to a Volvo truck board specialist to examine the thing and the conclusion was the board has a "misfire" and even if it "works" they recommend not to plug in because it can make other misfire internally to other computers of the car.

so now I have a rock in the garage, I can start it without the DIM

but: no window control, no turn signals, and high beam lights keep all the time.

so it isn't safe to drive.

I went to look for some used ones, from people who sell used parts because here in Peru we don't have "yunk yards".

so I tried a 2001 XC70 and the dim was also "dark".

I read here something about the years, the codes, so I am looking for my same years but thing is, here Volvo's are not common Cars, there Japanese cars are the popular ones, Volvo's not.

so Im really thinking of using one even if it keeps dark, but is there any problem if I use one from other code? other years?

which are the main problems if I use one of those? only dark screen or anything else?

new one on the dealer is $1800 without including software programming and I'm really thinking this option too, in this case how usually the dealer charges for the software installation is it for "labour hour" or other costs are included?

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Re: Presentation and DIM death

Post by yagger » Tue Mar 17, 2020 1:06 pm

You have some options:
1. Use DIM with same part number (for this option there is very high chance to get DIM with same issue like was in your DIM)
2. Use DIM with LED back lights and green connector from 2004 car, but in this case need to reprogram DIM for your car.
3. Use DIM with LED back lights and white connector from 2005 and newer car, in this case you need to make simple adapter and also need to reprogram DIM for your car.
If you have a DiCE and you choose 2 or 3 point, we can offer online service for solve your problem.
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