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broken downpipe

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broken downpipe

Post by dneu » Fri Mar 27, 2020 7:58 am

The downpipe on my 2004 V70R just broke off right from the flange connected to a turbo. Does anyone have any experience with welding it? I cannot find anywhere a reasonable replacement for less than $ 1200. Thanks.

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- Pete -
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Re: broken downpipe

Post by - Pete - » Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:24 am

Wow, can you share a photo of it?
Did it break off AFTER the DP flange weld?
Is it the original DP?
If so, chances are it’s pretty crusty & you’d have an extremely hard time getting clean metal, and then it would also be unguaranteeable as far as the quality & longevity of the fix/weld.

These things get red hot.
I think you might be best off looking at an aftermarket DP. There are companies that make DP’s w/catalytic converters for under $500. No CEL for cat efficiency codes (downstream O2) and your turbo spools up quicker.

Snabb catted downpipe

RE-VOLV catted DP

I have 2 of those ^^^, one catless & one catted.

EuroSport Tuning Mototec DP

I’ll be installing one of these ^^^ today.

If you end up going with an aftermarket/larger diameter DP you will eventually want to get your ECM flashed for proper tune.
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Re: broken downpipe

Post by ndphotonl » Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:53 am

Not needed, but you will reap the benefits more with a tune. I replaced the whole stock exhaust with stainless

BSR Tuning 3" downpipe with 200 cells cat + Rakaror 3" resonated catback.

ImageBSR 3" Downpipe with Sports Catalyst by Andy Ramdin, on Flickr

Catalyst closeup

ImageVolvo S80 2.4T 3" BSR Downpipe (Inside view) by Andy Ramdin, on Flickr

Old vs new, new downpipe comes with an extension cord for the secondary O2 sensor

ImageVolvo S80 2.4T 3" BSR Downpipe by Andy Ramdin, on Flickr

Modded catback vs Rakaror 3" catback

ImageVolvo S80 2.4T Rakaror 3" Stainless Resonated Catback by Andy Ramdin, on Flickr

How it sits under the car (I wanted to keep the stock look)

ImageVolvo S80 2.4T Rakaror 3" Stainless Resonated Catback by Andy Ramdin, on Flickr
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Re: broken downpipe

Post by oragex » Fri Mar 27, 2020 9:35 am

Welding is very difficult because it's rotten and because it must keep the flange angle or the flexible will be under stress and fail soon after. Clearly a job for a very skilled exhaust place. But as above, there's aftermarket options, search on Ebay, however some may throw a check engine (cheap cat), may fit poorly (this will also quickly cause the flexible to leak) and also if you have emission inspections I don't think cheap ones will pass

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