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Volvo S80 Windshield Washer Pump Topic is solved

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Volvo S80 Windshield Washer Pump  Topic is solved

Post by Skymongrel »

I posted this in a different meandering thread, so I thought I'd re-post it separately because its probably a common problem.

Volvo S80 2007 3.2 vehicle had a non-operable windshield washer pump. Curiously the bumper headlight washers work just fine!

a) I checked the fuse under the glovebox (#14 15a) and it was good.

With information gleaned from user comments I proceeded to extract the washer pump to test it.

b) I removed the lower bumper plastic protection plate. It has about four torx screws along the front
edge connecting to the bumper and one at each fender liner. There are three large panel clips along
the rear edge that have to be very carefully removed. Lower carefully the driver's side edge and
disconnect the washer pump connector from the protection plate (it uses a plastic screw-like
connector, just pry it out carefully).

c) The washer reservoir and pumps are clearly visible from under the car. I first looked for crimping of
any lines and corrosion at the connectors. I then simply grabbed the pump and pried it free from the
rubber grommet that seals it to the washer reservoir. Disconnect the electrical connector (check it
for corrosion). Remove washer fluid line.

d) I applied 12v across the contacts of the pump and the pump didn't operate so I ordered a new pump.
I purchased an inexpensive pump online, $8.60 Windshield Washer Pump pn 31349235, and $4.80
Windshield Washer Pump Grommet pn 8678424. I know, I question my purchase logic on this too!

e) The Washer Pump I bought is more cheaply made, the contacts are definitely inferior to the original
and you need to be careful attaching the connector, the pins had to be manually aligned for proper
fit. However it does come with a rubber grommet. It is not the like the screened original but it looks
good and you could save a few bucks by using it instead of purchasing a separate one like I did.

I installed the pump, attached fluid line and electrical connectors, reattached connector to protector
plate, re-connected the protector plate to the bumper. Filled with washer fluid and everything worked
great! I even got a free engine wash as the spray nozzle check valve was broken and yeah sprayed
the engine! Went to the dealership for the 3-way check valve and paid $14 for this little plastic part!!
Sometimes you just want it to be over!

I'm guessing this is a common repair for the 2007+ S80's and as it didn't involve bumper removal like my XC70 thought I'd share this easy repair.
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Re: Volvo S80 Windshield Washer Pump

Post by June »

Excellent write up! Thank you, June
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