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2004 S60 R Manual SOLD

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Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2020 3:26 pm
Year and Model: 2004 S60 R
Location: Bloomfield, NJ

2004 S60 R Manual SOLD

Post by s38junkie »


Titanium Grey / Gobi
281K miles
6 speed manual (hooray!)
Timing belt / water pump @ 238K miles
4C suspension works
No check engine or error messages
Pulls hard through all the gears
Service history going back to Dec. 2012
Located in Bloomfield, NJ

Recent Service History Last 6 Months

Front rotors (Brembo) and genuine Volvo brake pads
Genuine Volvo spark plugs
Bosch ignition coils
Driver's window regulator blue blocks
Veredestein Quatracs
Oil and filter @ 280K miles using 5W30 Mobil 1
Bosch fuel pressure sensor

Current Needs

Front suspension clunking (lower ball joints) and groaning on full lock
Inner splash shield rubs on left turns full lock
Radio volume only works from steering wheel


This is a really well sorted car as shown by the (mostly dealer) service history and the things I did during my ownership to make it a reliable daily driver. I have not driven another S60 R, but I own plenty of high HP, fast cars and this one pulls HARD. I did the jack test and the AWD is 100% functional and I can confirm there is no torque steer in the wet. I don't know if it's running the stock software but everything under hood looks stock with the nice, quiet factory exhaust. The 4C suspension is completely functional with no warning lights on the dash. There is clunking from the front suspension which I believe are the lower ball joints and groaning at full lock at parking lot speeds. The clutch feels brand new and is super tight as evidenced by my stalling it in second gear. The steering pump is quiet and the reservoir and hoses were replaced at 249K miles. There are NO leaks underneath and it does not seem to use any oil. No smoke on cold starts or under acceleration. It passed NJ emissions and has a current NJ inspection sticker good until 2021.


It's a 281K mile S60 R and it has its share of dings, scratches and a few small dents. The worst one is on the front, passenger corner on top of the hood. It looks like it could be pulled out using PDR but I haven't tried. I haven't detailed the paint but it looks reasonable with no fading or missing clear coat. No rust anywhere on the body and really clean underneath. I can't see any previous accident damage. All the wheels have curb rash and passenger rear wheel is missing the center cap. The car is a good 20 footer.


Again, it's a 281K mile S60R with wear showing on front and rear seats. There are no tears or splits but the passenger seat has noticeable stains on the bottom cushion, and the driver's side outer bottom bolster has a small hole. The rear seats have some scuffs and marks. I did not really try to rejuvenate the leather although I did spend a moderate amount of time cleaning and conditioning it. The car does NOT smell like cigarette smoke - it smells like a Volvo. The dashboard and center stack buttons are unmarked and are in good condition. The headliner is not sagging or torn but is dirty in places. Both A pillar trims are peeling. And the center console lid hiding the cup holders is missing its hinges to keep it locked in place.

Everything inside works except the main volume knob for the stereo and the driver's side seat heater is inoperative. A/C seems to be blowing cold and functioning although I have not tested it in the summertime.


Let's cut to the chase, I bought this as a winter car in December to keep my older machinery off the roads. Before using it, I sprayed the entire underside with Fluid Film. If you've never used it, I highly recommend. It does an amazing job of protecting exposed metal from salt and brine spray. I'm really OCD with any car that I own, so that means proper warm up times and letting fluids getting up to operating temperature before getting into boost. I also didn't let salt spray sit on it for more than a week at a time and washed the outside. This is obviously not a show car and won't win any prizes for low mileage either. But it's solid, comfortable, fast and reliable transportation and has the manual gearbox. I'm a car guy and if I didn't have 9 cars I would probably continue to keep and drive it.

I probably have more into it than what I'm selling it for and I'm OK with that. I would like to see it go to a good home and get past the 300K mark. First $2300 takes it.

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