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Happy C70 and THANKS! after a "sad story" Flare fix

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Happy C70 and THANKS! after a "sad story" Flare fix

Post by dobrosailor »

Well folks, I wanted to thank all the posters to my several threads over the past 3 months or so. After roaching a motor rather completely, I did a motor exchange and with the help of many of you, got the job done and worked through all the bugs. We just took a 75 mile trip to clear all the code registers and she came up clean, got 27 mpg and is running like a champ.

Backstory, this 2002 C70 came from Florida and a woman who idolized it. She saw one in a Brad Pitt movie and had to have one. She is Silver with grey interior - it was extremely clean at 98k when I bought it 5 years ago. I have loved this car as my daily driver, comfortable with thick seats, very fast, kick ass stereo with an added Grom Bluetooth kit on the stock radio (Great Add BTW, did it with my '98 V70 also!). It was a real road warrior - silent with a fantastic ride and handles great - thank you Tom Wilkensen Racing - even in bone stock trim. Of course I had to deal with the trans flaring issue - had to pull the solenoids and clean them to fix it.

Then the engine overheated and like an idiot, I put cold water in it and it "popped" and spewed water out the back of the motor. Two cylinders burned valves on my 160k car at the time. It sat for 6 months while I tried to find another car but nothing was a nice as my C70 so I decided to replace the motor which had a sketchy turbo anyways. I found a motor for $400 with 107 miles on it out of a T5 V70 adn it was on.

While I had the motor on the stand, I pulled the pan, cleaned it, replaced O-rings, replaced o-rings on turbo, injectors etc. Did the belt, tensioner etc. Water pump had been replaced recently. Serviced the PVC, cleaned the ETM THrottle body, and replaced the vacuum lines. The trans had started flaring slightly again and I knew within 2 years of DD I would be back in it again so while it was out I pulled the solenoids again and this time while I had them apart, I drilled 3 holes in the bottom of each solenoid housing so fluid could pass through them and they would self clean. The magnetic solenoids gather metal micro particles and the fluid inside becomes so thick they cannot move freely and they stick. The key is DON'T PULL THE VALVE BODY, just take the cover off (means nowering the subframe, not fun and very hard to keep the area sterile but the three solenoids are right there. Take them out and see youtube on how to open them up and clean them. As long as you keep the same solenoids, the trans does not have to be retrained. It will slam in gear for the first 20 miles till the trans fixes itself then it will be perfect.

Now she shifts like a dream, hauls ass and floats silently on the highway and the dash is code free. My baby is back and I cannot thank you all enough for tolerating my questions and patient answers.

Best regards, and Happy Volvoing...
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Re: Happy C70 and THANKS! after a "sad story" Flare fix

Post by scot850 »

Great news and good to here another Volvo has made it back from the brink! Excellent work and good info on the solenoid fix.

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Re: Happy C70 and THANKS! after a "sad story" Flare fix

Post by bmdubya1198 »

Glad to hear it's back on the road and thoroughly refreshed! It's also good to know that fixed your transmission issues. The AW55 in my brother's S60 is awful, I really want to address the harsh shifting at some point, because the car is in fantastic condition otherwise (aside from needing a full suspension refresh and brakes).
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