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DIM repair video

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DIM repair video

Post by darrylrobert »

I had an issue with the display lights on my 2001xc70 DIM flickering/dimming. I first thought it was the DIM itself but was fixed by replacing the headlight main switch module. I found this video in mysearching which looked helpful.

The first thing to repair would be the voltage regulator and heatsink, but
i would be very careful with is the large IC that he appears to be touching up, unless experienced with very fine soldering avoid touching this component.

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Re: DIM repair video

Post by oragex »

It is a nice video, but I put a comment because I think this it's only for very skilled persons with good experience in SMD - otherwise it will end up ruining the DIM. The shop that fixed a second faulty one of mine also said they had to replace some of the RA6. And I think there are also problems with the resistors for the High beams indicator bulb
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Re: DIM repair video

Post by yagger »

Video shows NOT quality repair process actually. After same procedure, some DIMs worked only couple days or weeks sometimes, in rare cases it helped for long time.
Trust me, I have more than 10 years of experience with it.
It is not secret long time already, but for get good quality of repair need to:
1. Remove MCU.
2. Remove old solder stuff from MCU pads on PCB and from MCU itself.
3. Remove old solder stuff from resistance areas chips (wich close to MCU).
4. Put everything back and put new solder.
This is MY process. Only in this case I can guarantee result.
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