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98 V70 to 06 XC90 upholstery swap Topic is solved

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98 V70 to 06 XC90 upholstery swap  Topic is solved

Post by CIK7 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 4:25 pm

I understand that a few people have done S60/V70 upholstery swaps. I have 2 driver seats and 2 passenger seats, of which 1 pass. and the other driver seat will have S80 upholstery on them. I have yet to find a swap with an XC90. So here goes...
Presenting! :D My weird but awesome upholstery swap from 98 V70 driver (I think S70 same) to 06 XC90 passenger. I'm missing a few steps on these pics, please bear with me.
First of all, COVER your floor before beginning. I ruined my tiles and gotta fix it before landlord sees it :shock: And place the red clip over airbag cylinder on P80 seat. When doing anything with the seat, I advise not to flip the driver seat on the left side, or the passenger seat on right side. Extra caution for the airbag cylinder :!:

I'm using the graphite leather passenger seat bottom and back. The 98 olive drab headrest is questionable :? but temporary. The swap took me an approximate total of 3 hours. The P80s come with hog rings, XC90s long skinny plastic groove snaps. The seat back was a pain, the V70 less than the XC90.

Please see bottom of pics for captions. Please understand that I didn't do a good job of organizing them so one step sooner might be towards bottom. Look for the Tools Needed pic and Scuffed Floor pic.
Scuffed Floor: I scuffed the tiles pretty bad. I need my Mom's round floor scrubbing machine. Be sure to cover your floor before beginning.
V70 Olive drab headrest against XC90 graphite. I will be taking both, the XC90 seat back and this seat to my friend to have him cut out both headrest mounts and then weld the XC90 mount onto my v70 frame. This will make the seat match.
Must cut 2 pieces of leather out for V70 headrest poles.
Long plastic snap secured on the hammered metal piece.
Hammer the 90° metal piece down until almost facing down. Use this metal piece to hook the long plastic snaps. They won't secure if kept at factory 90° angle.
Loop the cable ties through the drilled plastic holes and the metal seat frame holes. Rotate the cut tie butts to face inward toward cushion.
XC90 headrest measured on poles 6" center to center. SV70 I believe are 9.5" center to center.
Hold the XC90 snap with pliers (not fingers) while drilling small hole that aligns with the holes on the metal seat frame
XC90 has long skinny snaps
Tools Needed: T50 and T25 needed besides these
XC90 vs V70 headrest
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Plans for my 98 XC: 16T/18T, P2 M66 swap, logo/badge delete excl grille

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