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2000 V70 charging issues

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2000 V70 charging issues

Post by zaneallen » Tue Apr 14, 2020 2:18 pm

I figured I should take a moment to explain some issues that I was encountering with my 2000 V70R post-engine replacement. When I was trying to research my problem, I found very little information, so it is my hope that this can help someone else who is having the same trouble. I purchased a used 60k-mile 02 2.4T engine to replace the seized one that I bought it with, and thankfully it came with all of its accessories (compressor, alt, ps pump). I noticed that the alternator looked nearly new, and upon further inspection I found that it was a reman bosch unit. Fast forward to when the new engine is in, everything hooked up, and the car had been running great for a couple of months (the higher compression 2.4T engine paired with the greens and 19T is great) and I thought everything was well. One morning I was driving back home from work when my speedometer suddenly dropped to zero, and my voltage gauge started flashing at ~10 volts. The accelerator petal stopped responding, the radio cut off, and the car eventually came to a stop (in the middle of an icy, slick street while it was snowing). the engine was running, but the car was almost completely unresponsive to any kind of other electrical system. I turned everything off, headlights, heated seat, blower motor, etc, and was able to kind of creep off onto the shoulder of the road. I jumped out, opened the hood and found the positive terminal of the battery was very hot to the touch. I remember years ago I had trouble with the positive wire running from the battery post to the main fuse box corroding on my S70. I shook the cable around and let the car run for a few minutes. my voltage raised just enough for me to baby the car the rest of the way home. I replaced the cable running to the fuse box. That seemed to cure the 10 volt condition, but my voltage was still only at 12 volts flat, which was just enough to run the car without really noticing the low voltage condition, in fact, if it wasn’t for my voltmeter, I may have never even noticed (although looking back now I realize my interior lights were very dim) but running with voltage that low for a prolonged period would surely ruin some kind of component. Not wanting to fry a computer, I pulled the alternator thinking that maybe the voltage regulator on the back had been damaged from the bad positive cable, replaced the voltage regulator to no avail, same voltage condition. Finally I snagged an alternator from an 04 V70 and threw it in, and much to my surprise, my voltage immediately raised to nearly 14 volts. I was beginning to think there was a grounding issue/wiring harness trouble since the car sat in a field before I bought it, but a new (used) NON reman alternator fixed my problems. I’m not sure if the positive cable that runs into the fuse box damaged/overloaded and killed the alternator (because the cable didn’t look the best when I replaced it) or if it was just a bad reman from the beginning. Upon talking with some other volvo friends about my problem, it became apparent that reman units seem to have a short life or cause weird electrical issues. I hope that this information can help someone else who’s having charging trouble on their P80. Thanks for reading if you’ve come this far, and I’ve been happily cruising at 13.7-14.0 volts

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