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Volvo S80 Wet Floor! Topic is solved

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Volvo S80 Wet Floor!  Topic is solved

Post by Skymongrel »

Getting less and less excited about my 2007 S80 3.2 I6 purchase for my son. While doing the parking brake cables, I discovered a wet floor under the diver's side carpet. It was soaked.

I tested the sunroof drains and pulled the A-pillars and found there were in good working order. While testing the sunroof drains I spilled water on the windshield by accident and low and behold water started dripping down the A-Pillar along the vertical door trim onto foam padding at floor well wall. I was not aware of the ongoing Volvo windshield issues!

Pouring water directly on the windshield roof seam I could see the water come through and run down to the head liner corner at the A-Pillar. Pushing on the inside of the glass I noticed the windshield top moving out. Oh, I also tested the air conditioner drain while I was in there on the passenger side.

American Glass Co. just left after installing a new windshield! I probed for indication that Volvo's had a problem and his professional answer was "not really don't see too many of these older Volvo's". He confirmed that whole top edge of glass was detached, bottom and sides were fine. Tech. was very friendly, quick, knowledgeable, and he wore a face mask and gloves the whole time. I felt compelled to give him a tip (not that I need to spend any more money on this car!).

I think I got to this problem early as I didn't have any rusting in the floor wells except for the stereo amp under the seat.

Anything else? Car threw a PO190 code the other day, Autozone reader points to the Fuel Pressure Sensor. Check engine light when out almost immediately and hasn't come back since, granted it's only been a couple days, no operational symptoms.

Wish me luck!
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