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Driving Light mount kit advice

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Driving Light mount kit advice

Post by IslandV70 » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:25 am

I am trying to add fog and driving lights to my 2005 V70. Thanks to excellent advice from this forum, I got the front bumper off, which turned out to not be that hard :D
I am tempted to buy this kit:
https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/vo ... t-30772053
It looks nice, if expensive, so here are my questions:
1. Does anyone have one of these? How firm is the attachment to the car? I hate jiggly lights.
2. Does the wiring part of the kit work? I would hate to spend $180 on a piece of metal. I have read conflicted info in my web searches. One version has it all working once you install the wiring and the driving light button. Turn the car off and on and it finds the new button and activates it, so from then on it controls if the driving lights go on or not when the high beams are on. Version two is that it requires dealer programming and that program is no longer available in the USA.


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Re: Driving Light mount kit advice

Post by kranz » Thu Apr 16, 2020 9:11 am

I added fog lights to both my 2004 V70 and 2006 V50. The cars don't recognize them.

I recently had the V50 at the dealer for something unrelated and asked if they could enable the fogs for a nominal sum while it was there. They were unsympathetic and quoted me something north of $200 to do it. There was a charge for the "software" and a charge to install it.
Les is more.

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Re: Driving Light mount kit advice

Post by - Pete - » Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:12 am

I’ve seen the bumper mount lighting kit before but have no experience with it.

Here is the cost to add fogs to a 01-04 V70 (2005 may differ?) using a factory LSM.

8698123 kit for fogs 203.10
8622840 harness 47.61
9438287 software 35.21

Does not include labor. Labor is ~.5 hr to install software only. So approximately $85 in labor additionally.

As I think we’ve discussed, you can do it far cheaper sourcing used parts & remote CEM programming. For remote programming you don’t need ViDA, but you do need a DiCE unit to interface with the car & your laptop.
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