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'99 V70 Auto, Base, 234K -Front Subframe Bushings Shot?

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E Showell
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E Showell

'99 V70 Auto, Base, 234K -Front Subframe Bushings Shot?

Post by E Showell » Tue Apr 21, 2020 5:27 am

So, I am getting a pronounced vibration at stoplights when in gear, that disappears when I shift to neutral.

The front lower engine mount, the one under the crank pulley, appears to be fine, as far as structural integrity goes, but was bathed in leaking oil (front cam seals?) and the front bolt was not snug. Because it had likely been marinating for a while and I believe oil and rubber don't mix, I am inclined to replace it.

The transmission torque mount is good (original), but I removed it because I assumed it was the root cause of the problem -- not true.

When I removed the transmission torque mount, the engine/transmission appears to have shifted toward the front of the car by about an eighth of an inch (enough for me not to be able to rethread the rearmost transmission torque mount bolts fore and aft).

Finally, I compared the height of the front subframe bushings (only the two forward most ones). The passenger side appears to be about and eighth to a quarter of an inch lower than the driver's side.

Preliminary conclusion is perished subframe bushings. (Upper torque rod mount previously replaced, although not particularly recently) and shows no obvious signs of bushing failure.

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