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Turbo exhaust manifold with t3 t4 style 4 bolt flange

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Joined: Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:18 pm
Year and Model: 2004 S40T5
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Turbo exhaust manifold with t3 t4 style 4 bolt flange

Post by gregando »

Hi this is my first Volvo and I love d it straight away I've got a 2004 S40 T5 6spd manual what I'm wondering if there's a exhaust manifold that is oem that will bolt up to the T5 head that doesn't have the integrated turbine housing cast into it, ideally a manifold with a 4 bolt flange that's more turbo upgrade friendly as I've found here in Australia there's nothing much in the lines of turbo upgrade or exhaust manifold upgrades except getting the standard turbo high flowd. I'm asking because I want to use a turbo that produses useable boost past the 5000 rpm mark as it flattens out bad at this point . Any help and advice will be gratefully appreciated .

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