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Battery Drain AGAIN !

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Battery Drain AGAIN !

Post by PainterPaul »

2004 S60 R 110,000 miles.

Mechanic replaced the cable from the starter to the fuse box and part of the box that had melted.
Oh, and the battery.

All working great. DMV is still closed so I can’t register it. So
I brought it back home.

Check stop lamp message is on. Changed the fuses and the bulbs. Took it to the dealer.
Says it’s the REM. Little over $1000 to replace.

Also, water on the passenger side. Followed peppermints video and
Took the plastic cover off below the wiper blades and found the foam below the blower motor cover was gone. Packed in sticky foam insulation.
Hoping when it rains I’ve fixed it.

Rear speakers don’t work. The amplifier has signs of getting wet

Ordered from eBay driver seat 3 motors.

Did not drive it yesterday:
Tried to start it today and the battery was dead.
I’m bummed.
Once jumped it started right up. And restarted.



Love driving the car.

Cost me $300

Put new front tires and bled the brakes too.
Fluid was bad. Sat too long.
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Re: Battery Drain AGAIN !

Post by oragex »

The batteries wear very quickly when drained overnight, I would keep disconnecting it when parking the car (key in POS II when reconnecting) www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDyxtusEs2Q

For the battery drain, it could be multiple things, drain in the REM relay, alarm siren, wet amplifier, even the CEM was sensitive to water for a 2004.
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Joined: Thu Apr 16, 2020 5:44 pm
Year and Model: 2004 S60 R
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Re: Battery Drain AGAIN !

Post by PainterPaul »

My mechanic is
Ok if
I buy a used REM off of eBay. It’s only $50.
But, then after he installs it and I pay his labor fee, I’ve got to get the guy to program it and that’s about $300.
And if it doesn’t work. I’ve got to pay for that a 2nd time.
Perhaps it’s worth paying the dealers high price for this and then the part is guaranteed.

I’ll buy a new eBay amplifier and have the mechanic replace the front seat motors.
And keep my fingers crossed that I fixed the leak.

My mechanic was just given a 2008 S80 for free. 120,000 miles. Owner went to the same dealer and said $3500 to replace the drive train.
So, they gave it to
My mechanic for
He thinks it might be the u joints instead. Says it’s immaculate and if his wife doesn’t take it from him he will resell it for $5k.
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Re: Battery Drain AGAIN !

Post by SuperHerman »

If you have a VOM start checking the fuses to see what is draining the power. You have a short to ground - could be a wire, harness connection point or module. Once you find the culprit pull the fuse until the issue is solved. Maybe you get lucky and it is something you can live without.
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