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[2016 V60] Air conditioning failed on the driver's side

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[2016 V60] Air conditioning failed on the driver's side

Post by zotan »

My left hand drive V60 has just been in for service and has come back with a strange issue. I have the AC on and set to automatic with both the driver and passenger sides set to the same temperature. The AC is now noticeably stronger on the passenger side than on the driver's side. Driving to work (20 mins) It's really loud now on the passenger side, loud enough to make music difficult, but I can't tell which vent. I can't really tell if the driver's side vents are still pushing air. On longer journeys it settles down so is less of a problem. It's cold here in the mornings so it's bringing the car up to temp.

Is there a setting that could be wrong or a fuse that has blown?

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