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Which XC70 Year is best/least worrisome?

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Which XC70 Year is best/least worrisome?

Post by jbvolvo »

I am looking to purchase an XC70 in the next few months, and in my area (Mid-West) they are few and far between. I have come across one that is a 2013 3.2 with 76k miles on it, but its black on black - so a pass just for the color alone, I have also read about oil consumption issues with the 3.2...?

Generally speaking, what years and engines were best on XC70s? I know that they were known for being a bit a gas hog. I will say, I don't mind the Ford era Volvos but I am a bit of a newb- hence why I am here.

If I end up with a 2012 or later- what issues would I be looking at down the road? Or is it just a matter of making sure the previous buyer was good to the car? Either way I am going to have it inspected by a trusted mechanic.

If anyone also has any input or can point me to one that fits my criteria it'd be much appreciated- thanks folks! I would be happy to travel (within reason) for the right vehicle.

**Is the user JRL still here? - I keep seeing to contact them if there is interest in purchasing a Volvo out of state..?
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Re: Which XC70 Year is best/least worrisome?

Post by Pgreenx »

I have a 2013 xc70 3.2 and would like to know the same thing. Im far from an expert but read one of the 3.2 engines (I think ...4s4 but not sure) has poorly designed piston rings that leak oil. I have this engine at 71k and no oil leak yet and would like to know before I sink money in at around 100k to keep the car for a long time. I know this doesn't really help much but since know one responded I thought I would chime in
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Re: Which XC70 Year is best/least worrisome?

Post by pbierre »

We have two XC70 T6s: 2013 and 2015. These are beautiful, practical station wags. I live in a major metro area on West Coast, and I had to buy out-of-town both times. Not too many were made for North America....guessing 7500 / year.

My advice is to research all the options you need or desire (e.g., heated seats for midwest sounds good, AWD if you'll be driving through snow, color choices exterior and interior), desired mileage. Then, set your search radius as large as you can.

If you buy used from a Volvo dealer, you can be fairly sure the car has no serious issues, since those get shuttled off to the auction. It's not a guarantee, but rather a guarantee that the car was looked over very closely before putting up for sale.

I don't buy:
- if involved in an accident (Carfax report)
- if used to pull a trailer (tranny not really designed for heavy loading)
- if maintenance was not documented
- if any computer-related issues in history
- if PCV glove test fails (sign of expensive repair ahead)
- more than 110,000 miles on it
- windshield has any cracks or dings (I got one Volvo dealer to include new windshield in the asking price)
- radiator fins are smashed flat (fins are very fragile on these P3 volvos)
- remove engine stone guard, see any fluid leakage evidence
- 2 key fobs not included

You're looking at a top-quality sports wagon.
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