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Horn Not Doing the Horn Thing. Help!

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Horn Not Doing the Horn Thing. Help!

Post by PowerChordAficionado » Thu May 14, 2020 9:08 am

My wife's 2008 XC70's horn suddenly stopped making any noise. I've deployed the minimal knowledge I have and have scoured the internet for advice but I've hit a dead end and am hoping for some Volvo-specific advice before giving up and taking it into the mechanic.

Here's what I have done (and how I did it):

*Checked the 15A horn fuse: looks good and multimeter shows continuity
*Checked the horns for sound: They both honked when I fed them from the battery
*Checked the horns for impedance: Low note read 2.3 ohms and high note read 0.7 ohms (is this normal?)
*Checked the wiring harnesses: both displayed battery voltage (~12v) when pos and neg harness terminals connected to multimeter
*Inspected the steering wheel switches (I didn't know what to look for but there were no loose/cracked wires)
*Tested voltage when pressing horn button: Voltage dropped from ~12v to ~11v when pressing the horn button, indicating something was passing through the signal to the connector

I have read there is no horn relay on these cars and that the CEM essentially controls the sending of the horn signal. CEM repair looks quite costly and as there are no other electrical issues I'm hoping this is not the culprit. Any advice on what else I can do (or advice on what I did wrong) to test the circuit would be much appreciated!

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