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Fortnite, my son, Win10 and Boot Camp

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Fortnite, my son, Win10 and Boot Camp

Post by matthew1 » Thu May 14, 2020 1:52 pm

Quarantine is the best thing that ever happened, if you ask my son. When he's with me, which is roughly 60%, he's on Fortnite with his friends 10 hours a day. They play squads, and maybe 1 out of 6 matches they win in a pool of 100 players.

As recently as a month ago when they had 3 -- squads are 4 -- they'd want me to take up the 4th position. Now my inquiries are met with ambivalence. They'd just as much go as a 3-squad and be at a disadvantage than have me to make up a full squad. :shock: :? :roll:

Even with three, they're winning around 1 out of every 6, maybe more. They won two in a row a few days ago.

I built him a fantastic Win10 gaming PC in December. I think I've mentioned that here. It's a fast 4- or 8-core Intel running around 4Ghz overclocked, liquid cooled, a $600 graphics card, a serviceable display, and a nice keyboard and mouse. It heats his room.

I'm working on wiring it cat5 to the router for better ping times to the FN server. Apparently, this makes a difference.

He's damn good at the game. I have no hope of catching up now. I was very good at Half Life 1 and 2, and other first person shooters like Quake 3 Arena. But he's far better than I am.

I used to think I had time to catch up. Nope.

FWIW, the game is fantastic. It's popular for a reason.

BTW I installed Win10 on a Bootcamp (Mac hardware) install on an external SSD to get better FN framerates. It improved that about 50%. It was work, though. Anyone who wants help putting BC on an external let me know, especially if you want to put it on a Thunderbolt external.
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