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hot hard starting almost solved 2001xc70 Topic is solved

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hot hard starting almost solved 2001xc70  Topic is solved

Post by darrylrobert » Mon May 18, 2020 1:51 am

So happy after 4 years of this annoying issue ive finally very close to finding the problem. Its the Ignition Key Imobiliser module.

I tried cleaning the contacts and re tensioning the pins, i even swapped the module with another (used), but the issue persisted. Finally after searching forums on "start prevented, try again" i found a few saying the car "cranks" but doesnt start.

I used a heat gun on the ignition immobilizer module to simulate a hot day and the test worked, the motor cranked but wouldnt start. It took three attempts and the car started when the module cooled down (ambient temp 15C)

I havent checked VIDA to see if there is a code, but there is no check engine light and no messages saying anything is wrong.

I have ordered a new module, until then i cannot rule out the key (i have one key) or the wiring.

If you google "start prevented, try again" you will find lots of forum posts of people saying the car wouldnt start (dead), it cranks but doesnt start and a few a saying the car starts then dies after a few seconds.All saying it was fixed by replacing the immobilizer module.
faulty imobiliser.jpg

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