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Inner tire wear from rear toe bars?

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Inner tire wear from rear toe bars?

Post by Cookie-the-Swede »

Hello all,
So I'm seeing abnormal wear on the inside of all of my tires. I rotate my tires every oil change so the wear is fairly even across all four tires but I suspect that it's due to to the lack of adjustment in the stock rear toe bars.
I'm also seeing that the camber is noticeable in the rear wheels. I have not lowered the car's suspension at all.
Do you think that it is the rear toe bars wearing my tires? Or is it new camber bushings? Or both?
Thanks in advance.
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- Pete -
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Re: Inner tire wear from rear toe bars?

Post by - Pete - »

One of my XC’s is doing this as well. So far, I’ve determined that one of the stay arms (9200217) is bent slightly, and also the trailing arm bushings are terribly worn (31277893). I did a little instructional on replacing trailing arm bushings a little while ago. There’s oodles of bushings in the rear that could be contributing. Also if your rear springs are sagged that would contribute also.
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