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Year and Model: 1992 240
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Post by v00d00h3x »

Hi all, I have two issues.

1) I just re-acquired a 92 Volvo 240 that I owned several years ago and am trying to get her road-worthy again. Upon receiving the vehicle I could feel a vibration when starting from a stopped position and when coming to a complete stop. Initially I thought the inner tie rod and bearings were the culprit but after several replacements (ball joints, inner tie rods, motor mounts, transmission mount, sway bar end links, struts, shocks) the vibration still exists. I’ve narrowed it down to the driveshaft center bearing/bushing needing to be replaced. Would anyone recommend removing the entire driveshaft from a junked vehicle and installing in my 240 (without replacing center bearing/bushing) or should I just buy new center bushing/bearing kit?

2) After the last part replacement (struts and shocks) I noticed my check engine light came on. After inspecting I found that my exhaust hose was damaged significantly, I assumed this happened while it was at the shop because I had no issues with the check engine light prior. I checked the OBD(1) and received three error codes: 2-3-2, 1-3-1 and 1-2-1. I’ve replaced the hose and removed the mass air flow sensor and cleaned it using MAFS cleaner. I replaced the MAFS and reset the OBD which then read 1-1-1 when tested. Initially she had trouble cranking up but eventually turned over. I test drove her without the check engine light coming on and had no issues until starting her up the following morning. It had slightly rained and was cool outside. Again, she had issues starting but I was able to turn the engine over and let idle for a few minutes. Within the first five minutes of driving I noticed she wanted to stall (but didn’t). This went away after a few miles of driving. Earlier tonight I tried starting her and she struggled to turn over again. I checked the OBD again and now I’m receiving an error code of 2-3-2 only. The check engine light remains off. While letting her idle I noticed she wanted to stall again. I gave her a little gas to keep her from stalling but she ended up cutting off twice. I decided not to drive the car in fear it would stall on the road. My question is should I buy a new MAFS? Is there anyway to test whether the one I currently have is functioning correctly? If the MAFS isn’t the problem, where else should I look?

I’ve put replacing the driveshaft on hold until I can resolve this issue. What would be your recommendation(s) on where to start?

Sorry for the long post just trying to provide as much information as possible. I am a novice “car enthusiast” so I am still learning a lot and would like any assistance from anyone that has experience with this. Thank you kindly!
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