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1999 S70 T5 Manual in Reno, Nevada asking 3K

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1999 S70 T5 Manual in Reno, Nevada asking 3K

Post by Levinicus » Tue May 26, 2020 12:15 pm

Hello everyone,
It's with regrets that I come here to sell my quick brick. My wife has driven it since early 2017, and we are the second owners. It has 144,6XX on the odo, and the timing belt was replaced around 70K, then again by me at 125K or so. She still GIVES. I'm always shocked by how much get up and go this car has. Faster than the SAAB 9-5 Aero we had previously.

The condition of the car is mixed, fair to good. Mechanically, it's in good shape. Goes into all gears without trouble. As stated previously, the engine has plenty of power to give. One downside is that it leaks some oil, maybe a half quart per oil change (every 8 or 10 months, high mileage full synthetic). Another concern is that the clutch makes some noise. I don't know if its the throw out bearing or what, but the clutch feels good and functions properly. It just makes some ticking noise. The car gets decent gas mileage for what it is, usually averaging 23. On the highway it gets a solid 26-28.

NOTE: The ETS light is on. I have noticed NO changes to throttle behavior. It's worth pointing out, however, that cruise control doesn't work, which leads me to believe that both are symptoms of a bad pedal sensor. Whether it's the brake or clutch or what, I don't know. I just know I'm not smart enough to deal with it.

The body condition is fair. The clear coat has some pitting in places, and the previous owner wasn't gentle to the roof and the top of the trunk. It looks like they often slid stuff on and off of it. There is body damage in a few places, notably the front driverside quarter, behind the headlight, and the rear passenger wheel well. Both places look like the previous owner drove into things at parking lot speeds. No indication of any crashes otherwise.

The interior condition is good. Black leather seats with some scuffing in places, and what looks to be a small white paint stain on the back seat. There is a tear in the driver door interior panel. The car comes with an aftermarket stereo that lights up different colors. The color settings are adjustable.

I installed a boost/vacuum gauge, and the turbo consistently delivers 12psi all through the rev range. The boost controller in this car is very interesting, because it will deliver extra pressure to compensate for altitude, so you always get max torque if you want it.
I also painted some of the plastic pieces in the engine bay yellow. My plan was to do yellow and blue, but I never got around to the blue. :lol:

The reason I'm selling is because I like to work on my own cars, and this volvo deserves a professional. I'm just not qualified or ambitious enough to give this car the care it needs forever. The 99 T5 manual is a rare car in the U.S. and I'm worried that, as I lose motivation to take care of it, I will neglect it. So far it has been well treated, but it's a lot more effort to work on this car than American and Japanese cars of the same vintage. I'll always love Volvos, but I will need to wait until I'm wealthier to own one and pay the pros to take care of it.
I'm hoping someone more motivated or wealthy than me will see this and give this car a good home.

The car is located in NorthWest Reno, Nevada. Two hours and change from Sacramento, CA. Three and a half from the Bay Area. I'm asking for $3,000.
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