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S80 Mirrors tilting problem

Everything on the Volvo S80. Sometimes called an "executive car", the S80 was Volvo's top-of-the-line passenger car.
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S80 Mirrors tilting problem

Post by Tarkin »

Hello guys

I have a problem. Tilting both mirrors to a button in the climate panel works 50/50. Sometimes it tilts without a problem, sometimes it takes a long time and sometimes nothing happens for a long time, after a few minutes the tilting usually works.

Has anyone met this? How can this be solved?

I tried to take out and fuse the door module fuses. Is there a separate fuse for tilt control? Because the individual slide control works at 100%.

Is there any calibration in VIDA that solves this?

Volvo S80
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Post by Volvo S80 »

Hi Tarkin,

It`s not unusually on most S80 that they don`t tilt immediately, and sometimes you have to push the button twice to tilt the mirrors.

Usually when the engine is running it does react much quicker than when it`s on ignition, so things that you can do is to unplug the negative battery terminal (firstly make sure the ignition is off and the key out) and after 15 minutes reconnect it again. This will reset all the modules and hopefully will help you with your concern too.

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