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need info about 97 960 wagon Topic is solved

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need info about 97 960 wagon

Post by CIK7 » Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:09 pm

I'm considering getting a 1997 Volvo 960 wagon with all the options. my 98 XC might have taken a crap this evening and so I'm looking at the options I have and been shopping for another car. are there any special things to look for on a 960 to make sure that is a good buy? I know the things to look for on sv70. what kind of gas mileage do you get? what are the zero to 60 times? does the 1997 model have egr? is it possible to swap in a manual transmission? I know certain European models come with a manual transmission.
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Re: need info about 97 960 wagon  Topic is solved

Post by June » Thu Jun 18, 2020 7:03 pm

A few years ago someone was doing a manual swap. Don't remember how that turned out. I would closely look at the coolant. If it looks/ smells old then good. If it looks brand new then consider doing a exhaust gas test to be sure no head gasket issue exists. That's a must with any Volvo Modular engine condition unknown. A well maintained Volvo 960 will have Volvo coolant as well as timing belt change sticker if not recipes.

As far as how fast the 960 is the old Rolls Royce answer "ADEQUATE" about sums it up. When I drove them new, I had no complaints. I blew everything away during normal driving without trying. It still was a six cylinder on wide open throttle over 3K rpm in higher gears. That's where the T6 turbos make the Modular Six really shine! Replace the heater hoses immediately. I have heard there is a plastic piece that can fail. I believe it is where the hose connects to the engine. It's been awhile since I have read of that failure, but I have read about a heater hose killing more than one. During my ownership the cars were too new to have a hose related failure.

If I could order a 960 new today I would immediately! I miss driving the rear wheel drive Volvos. As far as gas mileage I think around 20 was about it on Premium fuel. Being as it did not have VVT it probably has some form of EGR though I don't know for sure. June
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