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Oil Transmission Filter.

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Re: Oil Transmission Filter.

Post by RobertoGonzalez » Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:17 pm

June wrote:
Thu Jun 25, 2020 1:13 pm
If it's Dextron II I don't see why not. I'm just surprised you can still get fluid labeled Dextron II/Mercon over there. It's been Dextron III over here since the 90s. Actually Dextron III is rare to find these days. Usually it's something that claims to cover Dextron and then other fluids.

Types of oil is usually a hot topic here, so I usually refrain from answering. My understanding is the difference between this specific fluid vs. Multi vehicle fluid is Dextron II, III, and beyond each have specific friction modifiers, viscosity, etc. Whereas the multi vehicle fluid will be somewhat different but likely close enough.

Somewhat different may or may not cause change in the shift characteristics. In my cars case it caused sloppy, soft shifts even at wide open throttle which is not good. June
Thank you very much. I just went to the mechanic, and the person in charge told me that while buying the filter, he could add 3 liters of new oil for now, at no cost and that when I had the filter they would do a complete oil change. I told him yes. The oils were new and sealed (Mobil 220 Dexron II). After the change, and reviewing levels as you guys explained here, I took it for a ride. I notice that the vehicle was having trouble changing gear, like it got stuck in some gears and then immediately unlocked. An hour passed, the car began to smoke (white) through the exhaust and later the lights on the gearbox began to flash, along with an indicator (arrow) on the instrument panel. Winter's W arrow. My car has W-S-E indicators. According to the manual, that means there are problems in the gear box (obviously), but it does not specify anything else. Any ideas June? Now I returned to the mechanical workshop to see what they have to tell me. And yes, indeed here in Chile you can still find those types of oil. Well you will find a lot of everything.
Thanks again for all your answers.

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Re: Oil Transmission Filter.

Post by June » Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:30 pm

Smoking is odd. In non electronic transmissions there is a vacuum modulator valve that can go bad and pass fluid through the vacuum line into the engine. June
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