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Purge control solenoid valve noise Topic is solved

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Purge control solenoid valve noise

Post by subzerocarfanatic »

I notice on occasion, probably more frequent that not because at times it is not easy to hear, there is a tapping sound, I have looked and looked everywhere trying to find the noise. I put my hand on the purge control valve i believe it is, it has 2 lines going in both ends of it and it mounts by two poles ends that push into the driver side upper area of the radiator housing area, i believe it is the SMOG purge control valve, what could be making the tapping noise, i place my hand on the valve and can feel the noise i'm hearing, sometimes it does not do it .

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Post by jeffsws »

I was testing mine recently with a 9 volt battery and it clicks when it opens, but I'd be very suprised if you would hear that when the engine is running.

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Post by misha »

That's how it works,it is pulsing...usually at idle(or when ecu ask for it) will make clicking sound,indicating that it is working.
Nothing wrong with it...it works properly.
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Post by abscate »

The chatter 8128 miles before the croak and pop a P0455 code or one of its cousins.

I ran Evitas chattering for about 9 months
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