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Questions on getting my recently bought 2002 V70 XC with 300k+ miles back to Stage Zero.

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Questions on getting my recently bought 2002 V70 XC with 300k+ miles back to Stage Zero.

Post by ZeldaMaster327 »

Hi. I just bought a 02 v70 xc with 300k+ miles on it and and i was wondering if there is anything important to look out for to get the car back to stage zero. So far I've already replaced the upper engine mount, battery, and tires. I'm planning to replace the oil cooler gasket as I believe that is what is causing a small oil leak as well as replacing all the hoses and changing the fluids. I have still yet to check the breaks and see if they need replacing. She runs well for her age, and i am struggling to think if anything else needs checking over. I was wonder if you guys could give me any tips and tricks for what need to be checked and how I should go about doing this. Please excuse my novice, this is my first car I've worked on. Thanks for reading.

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Post by TisMe »

Here is some priceless reading material :)

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Post by Krons »

First thing I would do is the glove test to check the PCV. If it needs replaced your engine is building pressure and you risk blowing cam seals or main seal.

When was the timing belt last done? I had an 05 S40 2.4 non-turbo I sent to scrapland at 150k due to a busted timing belt. And the belt was replaced at 100k.

Consider changing the other engine mounts too, the lower torque arm one is very easy to get to, passenger one behind wheel not bad either when you jack engine up a little. Suspension is preference.

TisMe's link is a good one, fuel filter and spark plugs can do wonders.
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