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PSI for Motive Brake Bleeder?

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PSI for Motive Brake Bleeder?

Post by hans747 »

Hey friends!

Quick question: what is the recommended PSI for a Motive power bleeder on a single-circuit system?

Here's the backstory:
My son and I are bringing a 1966 122s back from the dead. So far, we have:
  • Replaced master cylinder
    Replaced fron calipers
    Replaced all rubber hoses
    Replaced front rotors
    Replaced brake pressure switch
    Replaced rear brake shoes
    Replaced rear brake cylinders
I was having a hell of a time bleeding the brakes, so I bought a Motive bleeder. The system is better, but it still needs one or two pedal pumps to build pressure.

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Post by BlackBart »

I’ll be interested in the answer to this as well.

So where else could there be any air in the system? I’ve read about people “priming” or pre-bleeding a new MC. Is that necessary with these?
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Post by scot850 »

Been an awful long time since I had a 122S, and 123GT. Don't recall ever having any particular issue with bleeding brakes. If you have a brake booster then that may be your culprit. The diaphragm internally fails or splits.

Only issues I had were the booster, a stripped thread on a rear brake adjuster that blew out on me and then failing seals. Brakes were really good otherwise with excellent stopping.

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